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July 13, 2016

Where are you?

Anytime there is a storm my dog Spunky he gets spooked!  She is a Chow, Australian Shepherd mix and is a pure delight to have in our home. For 14 years we have cuddled with her, chased her, gone fishing with her and loved her more than anyone could imagine. The one area that we wish we could change is her anxiety level when it comes to thunderstorms. In the middle of the night it is not uncommon to have this dog jump on the bed, begin to cuddle up next to you, stare you in the face and begin pawing you as she shakes in fear. It’s as if she is crying out, “mom help me, don’t you hear that?”  It has even gotten so bad at times that my husband and I will take turns taking care of her so the other can get sleep! I know, I know it’s like having a child.!

Yesterday we had a storm in the middle of the day and I was about 15 minutes from home. In the distance I saw the lightning, heard the thunder and watched the torrential downpour happen. All the while I was wondering, how was spunky going to handle this?  I soon would discover how she did!

Upon arriving home the garage door would not open. I thought that maybe the electricity had gone out since the lightning strike seemed pretty close.  I went in the side door and called out,  ” Spunk, Spunk, come here!”  No response, no pitter patter of dog paws running to join me, no excited face or wagging tail, and no spunky!   I have to say my first response was, “did I leave her outside?” I ran downstairs to look.  The dog was not outside and she did not come to join me. Thinking that Maybe she’s hiding in one of the bedrooms because of the thunder, I began looking in all the rooms and calling her name,  she was nowhere!  I was so confused and panicked, where is my dog? As I rechecked my bedroom, I went into the walk-in closet, I called her name, “Spunky, where are you?”

Slowly her little head came through the clothes in the back of the closet and she peaked out and looked at me. As soon as she saw it was me she came running out into my arms. Both of us were so relieved to be together again.

This reminded me of how God looks for us and calls out for us and in our fear, or shame, or rebellion we hide. Scripture tells us that he calls you and I by name. This began long ago, even in the garden God called out, “where are you?”

This is so comforting to me! God wants us to be close to him, he understands when we are frightened, lonely , disappointed, feeling frustrated, sad.

He calls out to us

I am here

I am with you

come to me.

All we need to do, if stick our head out from behind where ever we are hiding and look to him and know we are safe.



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