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February 19, 2017

Open the doors wide Lord

I have often Prayed, “Lord open the doors wide so that we can know to walk through them. ” There have been times when I have preferred for him to shut doors, hold my hand and lead me through the uncertainty. After the visit from my daughter on Mothers day, I prayed for God to open doors in a way that I have never done before.

We had such a wonderful visit and it was sad to see her go back to California. Little did I know that within a few days my life would take a drastic turn.

Here come the waves again!

Within 36 hours both my husband and I were in conversations about jobs in California and our neighbor had a friend who wanted to purchase our home!  We had little time to digest what was happening let alone make decisions. All we knew to do was pray.  We asked God to reveal His plan, His direction and His blessing. I prayed the Jann prayer.

“Father we think you are leading us this way, if it is not what you want, block us in! My husband and I both had a sense that God was quickly ending our time in Michigan but it was so sudden! We also prayed that God would open wide the doors so that we would know without a doubt that he was leading.

It reminded me of the times body surfing in Huntington Beach. I would run out paddle, turn around waiting for the good ride and then paddle and ride it in. Occasionally, there would be a wave that would chew me up! I would be taken under, spun around, hit the sand and then desperately come up for air! This move of God was like that, except it didn’t hurt.  It felt like I couldn’t catch my breath, but I knew that He is good and has a perfect plan for me.

Is this what it felt like for Peter in Acts 12 when he was in prison and the chains fell off? We have never been more sure of God’s leading and guidance to our new chapter in California.

When God moves we have a choice, to join him or fight him. I wish that I could say that every decision is this easy or clear-cut but you know that isn’t true. Where is he moving in your life and will you join Him or fight him?

May He open wide the doors to his plan for you and may you walk through in confidence.  Warning occasionally it is a wild ride!


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