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October 16, 2015

Finding your Sparkle

Hi! I’m Sheryl Siler, editor-in-chief of Cherished Magazine–an online digital magazine for Christian Women reminding them that they are chosen, cherished and loved. Thank you Jann for having me come over to Reflect. I’m excited to be here to chat–it is definitely a”sparkle” in my week.

What do I mean by a “sparkle” you say? Glad you asked!

Finding Your Sparkle

I lead a small group women’s bible study and have for the last several years. We have had seasons of digging deep into an actual bible study–embracing and enjoying all God has left us in His word.

We also have had seasons of just getting together and enjoying just being together in conversation.

This fall season, it’s a combination of both–conversation over snacks and devotion/study time.

To kick off the season after our summer break, I was lead to ask the questions “What was your sparkle (or sparkles) over the summer? Where did you see God show up in a big (or little) way… a “Sparkle”?

Easy peasy right? For some yes. They could list off the top of their head at least 5 or 6 sparkly gems–no problem.

For others in my group the minute I asked the question I heard grumbles and groans–no sparkles in my summer.

If I asked you the question right now about the last month, which one are you?

Many sparkles?


No sparkles here?

Don’t give up. Perhaps you don’t see them now but if you take a moment you will! Still don’t see them? Ask God to show you!

I say that because an interesting thing happened that night in our group. As the others began to share their sparkles, the ones in the group that grumbled and groaned all of a sudden could pick out a few sparkly gems of their own.

I think in that moment, they stopped looking at the darkness in the things going on in their life and looked for God in all thing..the little things…and all of sudden their life had a bit more shine.

I would like to challenge you to look for sparkly gems–the places where God shows up, on a weekly or monthly basis. It really can help you take your eyes off the the darkness and focus on the light. So as part of the Cherished Everyday Fallapalooza, I am giving you goodie for you to download . It is something that was included in October’s issue of Cherished Magazine. I want to invite you to subscribe at our special Cherished Everyday Fallapalooza pricing. You can also find it here as well as the other stops and goodies on this blog tour. Enjoy.

Sheryl Siler - Author, Speaker and Editor of Cherished Magazine

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